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Scientific Society Medical Institute (SSMI) Sumy State University (SSU) is a voluntary and independent non-governmental organization with the SSU student government, uniting students who perform research work. NTMI created to encourage students to research activities, creation of conditions for the disclosure of scientific and creative potential of students improve their theoretical level and practical significance of research, coordination and supervision of student research groups, promoting the quality of professional training and qualification of future doctors .
Scientific Society Medical Institute (NTMI) of SSU was established in 2010. From the beginning of its existence, the scientific community has been working in the following areas:
facilitate the organization of student scientific circles;
popularization of scientific knowledge among students;
full support research activities of students and young scientists;
involve students in direct participation in scientific - research work of the departments of the institute;
participate in the organization of scientific forums and meetings, scientific conferences and symposia student subject Olympiads and competitions, as well as seminars and exhibitions;
promote the publication of the best student research;
the establishment of international relations, cooperation with educational and research institutions, public and state organizations of Ukraine and other countries.
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